10 Low-Sugar Starbucks Drinks

If you’re watching your figure and looking to minimize your sugar intake, it doesn’t have to mean the end of delicious orders at Starbucks. There are so many amazing low-sugar beverages you can still enjoy. In this article, you’ll discover 10 wonderful drinks you can order at Starbucks without splurging on sugar.

Reducing Sugar

Starbucks truly has something for everybody, and that’s likely part of the reason for its growing popularity. Although each of the beverages on this list has something unique to offer, there’s no shame in simply looking to modify your usual order. Here are some things you can do to reduce the sugar in your go-to beverage next time you pull up to the drive-thru.

Fewer Pumps of Flavoring

One of the easiest ways to quickly reduce the sugar content in any Starbucks order is to ask for fewer flavor pumps. One pump isn’t so bad, but after more and more, they start to really add up. Skip out on some of the flavorings for a lower-sugar, lower-calorie beverage.

Try Sugar-Free Syrups

Fortunately, Starbucks empathizes with its health-conscious customers and offers sugar-free alternatives to several of its usual syrups. If you still want to get your usual order but would prefer lower sugar, ask if they have the syrups available in sugar-free versions. It’s an easy way to dodge the extra sugar without compromising the taste.

Keep It Simple

As you might expect, the more complicated beverages are going to have a much higher sugar content. If you keep your order simple, you’ll likely save yourself the extra calories – plus, your order might be ready sooner!

1. Honey Almond Milk Cold Brew

If you’re a fan of life’s simple pleasures, it doesn’t get better than the Honey Almond Milk Cold Brew. This beverage is absolutely out of this world. The creaminess of the Almond milk creates these delicious undertones of vanilla – and paired with that honey flavor, it’s an absolute dream. Even a venti will only chalk up to 15g of sugar, and it’s definitely worth it for that delicious taste.

2. Brown Sugar Shaken Blonde Espresso (with Nonfat Milk)

Any shaken drink you order at Starbucks will have somewhat inconsistent sugar quantities, which can create a feeling of uncertainty when ordering. However, if you’re looking for a slight sugar reduction but aren’t sticking to a specific figure, this could be your new favorite pick. It’s relatively simple, and the espresso will keep you alert for hours while that sweet brown sugary taste pulls it all together.

3. Skinny Vanilla Latte

Skinny Vanilla Lattes at Starbucks are made with just a few simple ingredients: espresso, sugar-free vanilla syrup, and steamed skim milk. The “skinny” part of this beverage is key – that indicates to the barista that this beverage needs nonfat milk as opposed to whole. Make sure to specify you’d like sugar-free syrup.

4. Iced Black Tea

A standard iced black tea at Starbucks is about as basic at it gets. There are zero calories and no sugar in this drink, no matter the size. The natural caffeine present in black tea is enough to keep you wide awake and ready for your day – and you won’t have to face that unfortunate afternoon sugar crash later.

5. Plain Espresso

Any plain espresso drinks you buy at Starbucks will have zero sugar unless you specifically request additional ingredients. Here are some examples of plain espresso drinks you can order:

● Solo (1 shot)

● Doppio (2 shots)

● Americano (espresso + water)

6. Peach Tranquility Tea

If you love the bold and energizing flavors behind citrus fruits and herbal teas, this tea was practically made for you. Starbucks’s Peach Tranquility Tea has zero calories and no added sugar, making it ideal for those of us watching our weight who still want a refreshing afternoon drink.

According to Starbucks, their Peach Tranquility tea is made with “peach, candied pineapple, chamomile blossoms, lemon verbena and rose hips” – and according to fans of this fruity favorite, it tastes as beautiful as it sounds. Although this drink is caffeine free, it’s certainly worth a try.

7. Cafe Misto (with Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup)

Another simple order is a Cafe Misto – a caffeinated drink made from half hot coffee and half steamed milk. If you order this beverage, ask for a few pumps of sugar-free vanilla syrup. It doesn’t tack on any additional sugar, but it really takes this drink to the next level.

8. Soy Chai Latte

If you’re more of a hot tea kind of person, this is the one for you. A standard Starbucks chai latte starts out relatively simple: black tea is infused with chai spices such as cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom – and is then mixed with steamed milk for a creamy, frothy finish.

To reduce the sugar content on this one, just ask for soy milk instead of whole dairy milk. This is one of the higher sugar-content drinks on this list but has a lot to offer regarding flavor. The taste is out of this world, and it’s something almost any tea lover can get behind.

9. Jade Citrus Mint Tea

If you’re into iced teas but the Peach Tranquility just doesn’t do it for you, there’s this other reliable choice on the Starbucks menu you definitely need to know about: the Jade Citrus Mint Tea.

Starbucks describes this beverage as “green tea, lemon verbena, lemongrass and a hint of spearmint” – so you can already just imagine the delightful flavors and aroma this drink has. The citrus flavor offsets the mint just enough to keep it from getting overwhelming, and the balance struck between these two flavor profiles is delicate perfection.

If you aren’t already sold on the taste, there’s another huge perk to this beverage: it has zero sugar and zero calories, making it the ideal choice for a health-conscious customer who still wants a delicious iced tea.

10. Passion Tango Tea

Last but not least is Starbucks’s widely beloved iced Passion Tango Tea, a cool and refreshing beverage even the strongest tea connoisseurs can’t resist. Not only is this tea entirely sugar and calorie-free, but it’s also absolutely breathtaking.

This tea is made from hibiscus, lemongrass, cinnamon, and apple, and is served iced. There’s plenty of citruses to perk you up, but the cinnamon and hibiscus really give it that bold edge. This is one of the most refreshing teas on their menu, and it doesn’t come with all that unnecessary sugar.

Plenty of Options

Next time you visit your local Starbucks, try out one of these delicious beverages for a low-sugar experience that still satisfies your sweet tooth – and your caffeine craving! Who knows – you might discover your new favorite.