Best Coffee Makers for Alexa – A Buying Guide

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With technology taking over most aspects of our lives, you can now turn off the lights, control the washing machine, and even park your car remotely. If you want to make your coffee remotely, too, my guess is you came here looking for the best coffee maker for Alexa.

I can tell you it’s a great feeling to control the brew strength, the cup size, and grind settings through your smartphone.

After thorough market research, I gathered the best four Alexa-compatible coffee machines. Take a look at them here.

Hamilton Beach Works with Alexa Smart Coffee Maker – Best Overall

If you want to get the whole package, this Hamilton Beach machine with the Echo Dot speaker may be the right choice for you.

The Echo Dot is compact, enabling you to fit it anywhere. It lets you speak to your Alexa app, controlling your coffee brew strength, and turning off the maker whenever you need to. It also respects your privacy, turning the microphones off by a mere click on a button.

The maker connects with the Alexa app instantly, allowing you to schedule your coffee brewing for the whole week. You won’t need any additional apps to operate it, and it’s pretty easy to use with its two brew settings.

You can control the maker manually or through your Alexa App. It has a 12-cup capacity, making it ideal for large families. Its spout is also designed to prevent dripping, so you can ensure you’ll be making your coffee mess-free.

The Hamilton is compact, making it easy to fit on any kitchen counter. It’s also easy to use and clean, thanks to its smart design.


  • Great value for an affordable price
  • It allows you to schedule your wake-up ready coffee
  • Easy to use


  • Some users complained about the timer.

Atomi Smart WiFi Coffee Maker – Runner Up

The Atomi Smart coffee maker is hard to match, with its high functionality and sleek looks. It connects to Google Assistant and Alexa in an instant, enabling you to change brewing settings and turn it on without moving an inch.

You also don’t have to get up from your place to check if your coffee is ready. Instead, you’ll get notifications on your smartphone telling you when it’s time to get your coffee.

Using the Atomi is pretty straightforward for all users. All you have to do is connect to the WiFi and download the Atomi Smart app on your mobile phone. Once you plug the maker in, the hot spot will appear instantly. Then, you can make the connection and start voicing out your coffee order.

The WiFi reconnects automatically, so you don’t have to restart it in the case of a power outage. Additionally, the Atomi is smartly designed to avoid spills, with the carafe sensor and the reinforced base.


  • Easy to use and convenient
  • Compact dimensions to fit in small kitchens and offices
  • Durable stainless steel construction


  • You can connect it to only one device.

Hamilton Beach 5-Cup Switch Coffee Maker – Best for Small Kitchens

If you’re on a tight budget but you still want Alexa compatibility, the Hamilton Beach 5-cup maker is probably your best bet. It’s compatible with smart plugs that connect to Google Assistant, Alexa, and similar voice control applications.

There aren’t a lot of settings to control, but you’ll be able to make your coffee and turn off the machine using voice command.

The machine is pretty basic, but it has everything you might need in an affordable coffee maker. For example, its brewing cycle stops automatically when you remove the carafe to pour a cup of coffee. Additionally, the heating plate is nonstick for easier cleaning in case the carafe splatters around.

The carafe and the conical brew basket are both removable and dishwasher-safe, making your cleaning mission much easier after you’re done making your coffee.

The machine is lightweight, weighing only 3.3 pounds. It’s suitable for traveling and small kitchens.


  • Highly affordable
  • Safety features for energy-efficiency
  • Nonstick plate and dishwasher safe parts for easy cleaning


  • The carafe spills when pouring coffee.

Proctor Silex 10-Cup Coffee Maker – Best Budget Option

The Proctor is another budget coffee maker that connects to Alexa and allows for remote control. It’s compatible with smart plugs that connect to the voice control app, just like the Hamilton Beach maker.

The Proctor is easy to use; all you have to do is add your coffee grounds and water, press the brewing button, and wait for the magic to happen. It’s larger than the Hamilton because it can make up to 10 cups, making it ideal for large families.

The glass carafe is lightweight and easy to grip for seniors, giving it leverage over the Hamilton’s stainless steel one. In addition to that, it’s dishwasher safe to prevent the hassle of washing it on your hands. The brew basket goes into the dishwasher as well.

There’s an off/on indicator light that lets you know whether the machine is on, and it only has one button for convenience and ease of use. When you connect it to Alexa, you can schedule your coffee, so the machine turns off automatically when it’s done brewing.


  • Good value for the affordable price
  • Compact dimensions to fit on any small kitchen counter
  • Easy to use with a one-button operation


  • The carafe’s lid wears out quickly.

The Final Verdict

My top pick out of the best coffee makers that work with Alexa is the Hamilton Beach. It costs a little more than the other options on the list, but that’s only because of its smart features and innovative design.

Its spout is designed to pour the coffee with no splatter or splashes, accounting for a mess-free coffee-making process. On top of that, it’s pretty easy to control using the Alexa app without downloading additional applications.

If you want a coffee maker that costs less, the Atomi Smart WiFi maker is a nice option to consider.