Best Flake Ice Maker For Home

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There’s nothing better than flakey ice. It’s a great type of ice for snow cones, munching on, or cooling your drink without taking up nearly as much space as other ice cubes.

The best part is that you can get an ice maker that makes you the perfect flake ice from the comfort of your home. These are fantastic when entertaining or if you have a recipe that requires this specific type of ice.

3 Best Flake Ice Makers for Home

As you shop for a flake ice maker for your home, these are three of the best products on the market.

1: IKER Ice Shaver Machine – Best Overall

One of the best flake ice makers you can get for your home is this one by IKER. Their ice shaver machine is relatively affordable compared to other ice makers at under $400. It comes in a sleek silver and black design that matches almost any kitchen or area you’ll put it in.

We love that there are two ways to fill the large water tank. You can manually add water or hook it up to a water supply with a hose. Another great feature of this ice machine is that you can also use it to make traditional ice cubes.

Once you add water to the tank and start the ice-making process, you’ll have 18 ice cubes every nine to 11 minutes. After the ice is made, you can use the scoop that comes with the purchase to add it into the crusher to get the perfectly flakey ice you desire.

This large ice maker can make up to 44 pounds per day, more than most home ice makers. You don’t need to worry about your ice melting immediately after making them. You can store up to 6.6 pounds of ice in the storage bin at once.


  • There are two ways to fill the water tank
  • It can make more than just flake ice
  • It comes with a one-year warranty
  • It makes 18 ice cubes with each cycle
  • Able to store 6.6 pounds of ice at once


  • It doesn’t come with a hose to connect to a water supply

2: Anbull Snowflake Crushed Ice Maker – Runner Up

This sleek and lightweight crushed ice maker is a great option if you don’t want to go with our overall pick. This product by Anbull can make ice faster than almost all the other flake ice makers on the market. From the minute you add water and turn it on, you’ll have fresh, flake ice in approximately three minutes.

The Anbull flake ice maker is quiet, so you don’t have to hear the obnoxious crushing sound of making ice into flakes. It can make up to 55 pounds of ice per day, which should be more than enough for most people’s homes.

The heat insulation effect that the manufacturers included in this ice maker allows for the finished ice to store for longer without melting. Since it can make 55 pounds per day, you can easily store 22 pounds of flake ice in the storage bin.

Two indicator lights help you use the machine easier. There’s one to let you know when the water tank is low and needs filling and another to let you know when the storage bin is completely full. You can easily connect your ice maker to a water supply for easy filling, thanks to the water hose and drain pipe that it comes with.


  • It can make ice in three minutes
  • It has a large daily capacity
  • There are indicator lights
  • It comes with a water and a drain pipe


  • It doesn’t have multiple uses

3: Great Northern Premium Flake Ice Machine – Best Budget

Last but not least, we have our budget-friendly pick. It’s still over $200, but as far as flake ice machines go, it’s a great option that’s within most people’s price range. It can shave around 60 pounds of ice per minute when working at its total capacity.

The main thing to note about this flake ice machine is that while it produces excellent flake ice, you’ll first need to get your ice cubes from another source. Unlike our other choices, this one can’t make ice cubes, only crush them into flakes.

It comes with an adjustable and fully removable stainless steel blade. This makes it much easier to clean when necessary. While it’s a great home ice maker, it utilizes a commercial-grade motor to ensure each piece of ice is crushed into the flakey texture.

When you purchase this appliance, you’ll get a one-year warranty in case anything happens to the machine.


  • It can shave over 300 pounds of ice in an hour
  • It has a commercial-grade, heavy-duty motor
  • It comes with a one-year warranty


  • It can’t make ice cubes; it can only turn them into flake ice

Key Considerations

Take these three factors into consideration when purchasing a flake ice maker for your home.


Price is almost always something you should consider when buying a new appliance. If you don’t have a budget or money isn’t an object, then you might not care how expensive or cheap a flake ice maker is. If you are on a budget, then you’ll want to make sure you’re not spending more than you can or that you’re getting a good value for your money with additional features.


As with any home ice maker, it is critical to know how much it can make in a day and hold in the storage bin. Knowing how much ice you need or want each day and ensuring that you purchase a product that can give you what you need is something to think about.

Multiple Uses

If you want flake ice only sometimes, you should look into an ice maker that can make other types of ice. If you’re only interested in flake ice, you don’t need to look for multiple-use ice machines.