Best Flake Ice Maker

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Flake ice is not the most popular type of ice that you can readily get, but people tend to love it once they have it. If you’re looking to offer flake ice to guests in your restaurant, at home, or in the office, you need to get an ice maker designed for flake ice.

This ice tastes excellent on its own, with flavor syrup, or is excellent for cooling down all your favorite drinks. With so many great online options, how do you know which one you should be getting?

3 Best Flake Ice Makers

Finding the perfect flake ice maker for you doesn’t need to be that difficult. To assist you in your search, we’ve found three of the best flake ice makers out there that you may want to consider purchasing.

1: SBZ-20 Flake Ice Maker – Best Overall

The SBZ-20 Flake Ice Maker is a freestanding machine that produces all the flake ice you could want. It can make up to 66 pounds of ice per day, and the storage bin that comes with the product can hold up to seven pounds of that at one time.

The stainless steel design looks great in any location but also provides the durability that most people are looking for in a great ice machine. While it will look great wherever you place it, it cannot be quiet. So, if the noise bothers you, you may want to place it in a location where you can close a door to drown out the noise.

It comes with a water line and drains so you can quickly drain excess water and refill the water tank. Installation of these lines is simple, so you shouldn’t need to hire any additional labor to assist you. There’s also a one-year warranty on parts and labor for the ice machine if something breaks or needs repair.


  • They make it with stainless steel for durability
  • It can produce 66 pounds of ice per day
  • It stores seven pounds of ice at a time
  • It comes with a limited one-year warranty


  • Many people say that the ice maker is rather noisy

2: VEVOR Snowflake Ice Maker – Runner-Up

The VEVOR Snowflake Ice Maker is another excellent option you need to look into. It doesn’t make as much as our overall pick per day, but it still makes a substantial amount and for a great price. With this machine, you can expect 44 pounds of ice per day.

While the VEVOR machine makes 20 pounds less ice per day than the SBZ-20, it can store a lot more ice. While the other can only keep seven pounds in the bin, this one can hold 11 pounds. People love an ice protection feature so that the device knows to stop making ice when the storage bin is full.

This feature protects your ice machine from damaging far too early in its lifespan. You can place this ice maker under the counter or allow it to stay freestanding. Either way, it’s easy to get to and even easier to use.


  • It makes 44 pounds of ice per day
  • The storage bin holds 11 pounds of ice
  • There’s an ice protection feature
  • It can be freestanding or placed under a counter


  • You don’t get a warranty with the purchase

3: Little Snowy Ice Maker – Best Value

Our runner-up doesn’t have nearly as sleek of a design as the first one, but when you’re looking for a great option that won’t break the bank, this is it. The Snowflake Ice Maker by VEVOR is a simple yet effective option when you’re craving flake or shaved ice.

This machine works incredibly fast to get you to flake ice within seconds. Once you add ice to the machine, you can have fluffy flake ice in your cup in roughly three seconds. A downside to using this machine for flake ice is that you have to use ice from another source as it doesn’t make ice cubes and only turns it into flake ice.

A favorite thing about this flake ice maker is that it comes with the things you need to make delicious snow cones. The pack includes six flavor powders and reusable cups that are the perfect thing to eat snow cones out of. You’ll love how easy this is to move from one place to another since it’s lightweight.


  • It’s easy to transport and move from location to location
  • The price is very affordable
  • It comes with liquid flavors to make snow cones
  • It takes only three seconds


  • You need to use ice from elsewhere since it doesn’t make cubes, only flake ice

Key Considerations

To help you make your decision about the best flake ice maker for you, these are two factors you may want to consider before purchasing one.

Make Sure it Makes Flake Ice

This may seem silly, but it needs to be said. When searching for a flake ice machine, you might think you’re getting one that makes flake ice, only to be disappointed. Double-checking the product information to ensure it does, in fact, produce flake ice will help prevent any disappointment and annoyance from having to return an ice machine.

Total Capacity

Knowing how much ice each machine can make and the store is essential. You need to make sure the amount it can make in a day is what your needs are in your home, restaurant, or elsewhere. As for the storage bin, you want to make sure it stores an appropriate amount for how much it can make per day.


While flake ice makers can all make flake ice, not all of them can make ice cubes and then turn them into flake ice. If you don’t have another source for ice and don’t want to have to buy bags from the store to use in your flake ice machine, then looking for one that makes cubes first before turning them into flakes is going to be an important deciding factor for you.