Picture of Falling Sencha Tea on Black Background

What is Kabusecha Tea?

Kabusecha tea translates as “covered tea” It is a high-quality Japanese green tea, usually described as somewhere between a sencha and a gyokuro in terms of flavor and quality. It is also referred to as Kabuse tea. Kabusecha is one of the most expensive Japanese green teas, next to gyokuro and matcha. Kabusecha is prepared using …

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What is Turmeric Tea?

Turmeric tea or turmeric milk, aka golden milk, is made with the rhizome, or underground root, of the turmeric plant. It’s then either used fresh, or dried and grinded down into powder as a spice, and is heated in water, milk or a plant based milk, and served immediately to enjoy the warming tea. The …

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Picture of Mecha Tea Leaves

What is Mecha Tea?

Mecha is a popular type of Japanese green tea. Mecha consists of early leaf buds harvested in the spring. It is considered the by-product of Gyokuro and Sencha tea leaves that processors separate from the whole leaves during processing. This processing method makes it a cheaper alternative for those that want to enjoy high-quality green tea. “Me” …

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Picture of a glass of sprite

How much caffeine does Sprite contain?

This popular lemon-lime soda, Sprite, was produced by Coca-Cola in 1961. It has a clear appearance, no caffeine, and a refreshing, crisp taste. The History of Sprite Before the 1960’s, around 1950, Coca-Cola sold “Sprite” as a variety of different fruit flavored sodas, but then officially settled on bottling and selling only the electrically-satisfying lemon …

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Picture of Terere Tea

What is Tereré Tea?

Herbal tea, also referred to as a tisane or herbal infusion, is a popular caffeine-free beverage that can be enjoyed both hot and cold. Commonly regarded for its aroma, flavor, and highly customizable nature, many herbal teas have also been utilized for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Made from edible plant parts, such as …

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Picture of tea plant cultivated in the shade

What is Tencha Tea?

Have you ever heard of Matcha? Sipped an iced Matcha tea latte with oat milk at Starbucks? Familiarized yourself with the ritual surrounding Matcha in Japanese tea culture? Then you’re sure to love this full bodied, rich tea – which is the base for Matcha! Matcha tea is made by grinding the leaves of the Tencha …

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