Picture of Coffee Bloom

What is coffee bloom?

When ground coffee is mixed with hot water for less than one minute before brewing there’s a release of carbon dioxide, which creates a richer flavor, and that’s the process of blooming coffee. How It Starts Keeping an eye on each of the steps it takes to make a mind-blowing cup of coffee is the …

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A woman feeling dizzy while drinking coffee

Why does coffee make me dizzy?

Coffee is a beloved morning beverage. Not only is it customizable and portable, but it’s also a great way to boost your energy and get you moving and focused. With such greatness, however, comes potential side effects. For some, coffee can cause unfortunate dizzy spells and lightheadedness. This is often attributed to caffeine, a stimulant present in …

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Picture of a Coffee Maker with Carafe on Table

How to use a coffee maker?

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks around the world. You see coffee available in hotel lobbies, car dealerships, spas, and countless other places we visit in our day-to-day lives, but that doesn’t mean that everyone drinks coffee or even knows how to use a coffee maker for that matter. For those of us …

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Cuisinart Coffee Machine

How to clean Cuisinart coffee machine?

Cuisinart makes a whole host of kitchen appliances. From air fryers to waffle makers and everything in between, there’s a good chance you’ve got more than one Cuisinart appliance in your kitchen! Most appliances require some sort of regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly, and Cuisinart coffee makers are no different. Luckily, it doesn’t …

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Picture of cat sniffing a cup of coffee

Can cats drink coffee?

Many people consume caffeine throughout the day. From a fresh cup of coffee first thing in the morning and a cold, refreshing soda with lunch, to a hot cup of tea in the afternoon, people often depend on caffeine to jumpstart their day and to keep them going well into the evening. When it comes …

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