Does Coffee Boost Creativity?

Does Coffee Boost Creativity

Coffee is what some believe to be a magical drink that gives them energy and allows them to perform better in their daily lives. Professionals, parents, students, you name it, have used this delicious and energizing drink for centuries.

Many people attribute their improved morning attitude and work performance to the energizing effects of coffee. But does coffee give us more than that morning burst? Can coffee boost our creative abilities?

Coffee Doesn’t Boost Creativity Per Se

Researchers have conducted several studies surrounding whether coffee can boost creativity or not. The studies they’ve conducted have concluded that drinking coffee can significantly impact someone’s concentration and focus, but not necessarily creativity.

One study of 80 participants concluded that the participants who received a caffeine pill, equivalent to a cup of coffee, had improved problem-solving skills. Still, it probably didn’t enhance their creativity.

This study tested participants on their problem-solving and idea-generating skills. It found that the caffeine from coffee had a significant impact on problem-solving but not on idea-generating.

The keyword from this study is probably. It probably didn’t have a significant impact on creativity. But if you ask people who work in a creative field, they may tell you that they cannot get their creative juices flowing without that morning cup of joe.

Coffee Can Boost Your Problem Solving Ability and Focus

Besides being a ritual for most people in the morning, coffee can improve your focus. Some may argue that while, according to studies, coffee doesn’t boost creativity, it can improve your focus which in turn enhances creativity.

One of the biggest hurdles someone faces when working in a creative field or just simply following their passion is when they hit a roadblock. Nothing is more frustrating when all you want to do is finish that painting, book, or song.

Drinking a cup of coffee can help you stay focused on the creative tasks at hand while also helping you problem-solve any issues you may run into.

Ways Coffee May Boost Creativity

Whether coffee boosts your creativity may depend on the individual person. Here are some ways in which coffee may actually boost creativity, despite what some studies say.

Coffee Helps You Commit to a Task

As you probably know, coffee is a stimulant. Stimulants send messages to your brain telling you you’re not tired. Drinking coffee helps you commit to the task at hand by preventing you from feeling fatigued and wanting to take a nap.

Even if you’re struggling to come up with “good” ideas, churning out ideas, even bad ones, will eventually lead you to the idea you’ve been dreaming of.

Coffee Gives You Initiative

We all know how coffee gives us a boost of much-needed energy in the morning or for an afternoon pick-me-up. Drinking a cup of coffee before sitting down to write, paint, compose, or anything else that requires creativity can give you the initiative you need to get started.

Everyone has those days where you would rather lay on the couch watching Netflix but should probably be working. That magical beverage will jump-start your day, and you can start to get those creative juices flowing.

Coffee Gives You Confidence

The biggest hurdle people face with their creative abilities is doubting themself. You may often feel inspired to start a project, and then halfway through, start to doubt yourself and think your ideas aren’t the best.

Coffee can help give you a boost of confidence that can help you avoid all those self-doubt thoughts. Confidence will naturally follow when you feel focused on finishing a task and have the initiative to start officially.

Ways to Boost Creativity in Conjunction with Coffee

If you’re looking for more ways to boost your creativity besides drinking coffee. Here are a few tips you can try. You can choose to do this without a cup of coffee or both.

Take a Walk

There have been several studies linking walking to an increase in creativity. When you’re walking around, your creativity tends to skyrocket rather than when you’re sitting down.

A great way to boost your creativity in the morning is to grab a cup of coffee and go for a short walk around the block. You’ll feel energized and ready to start your day with an increased level of creativity. Plus, a little workout never hurts anyone.

Work in an Inspiring Environment

Whether you work in an office, coffee shop, or at home, surrounding yourself with what you find inspiring can boost your creativity. Whether it be a great musical album, artwork, or a podcast, when you’re surrounded by what inspires you, you’ll be more creative.


Before you knock meditation off your list of things to try for creativity, you’ll want to hear this out. While meditation is constantly associated with relaxation and a peaceful mind, certain types of meditation are linked to creativity.

Open-monitoring meditation opens up your mind to all thoughts and feelings. This happens by not focusing on one thing in particular but being open to all thoughts that come to you. Keeping an open mind helps you feel more creative and maybe think of a new idea you haven’t thought of before.

Surround Yourself With the Color Blue

There’s significant evidence that different colors have different effects on our moods. Yellow is associated with happiness, red is for love or even anger, and blue has been linked to creativity.

Since the color blue is often associated with peace, nature, and tranquility, many say that it can help people think outside the box. Sometimes, thinking outside of the box is what you need to feel a boost in your creativity. You can add touches of blue to your home office or maybe wear blue while you’re working.

Reward Yourself

This creativity boost tip is controversial. Some people say rewarding yourself for milestones can get you off task, but this is helpful for some people. An example of rewarding yourself is that you can watch your favorite movie later in the day if you finish the main task. The reward you choose is entirely up to you. But, choosing something you care about will help you stay focused and creative because you’ll be working towards that reward.

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