Famous Vietnamese Coffee Brands

Hot milk coffee dripping in Vietnam style

Coffee is life. Every day, millions of Americans start off with a hot cup of caffeine to get their brain working and their body moving. With over 120 different species of the Coffea plant worldwide, there’re many brands to choose from.

In Vietnam, coffee is both ingrained in everyday life and economically important. Introduced in the late 1800s, coffee production exploded and gained popularity. Known for its rich, sweet, and intense flavor, thick consistency, and strong aroma, Vietnamese coffee greatly differs from the hot “cup of Joe” that Americans consume. Aside from its taste differences, Vietnamese coffee is also prepared with different materials and ingredients.

Arabica vs. Robusto

Unlike popular Arabica-brewed coffee in America, Vietnamese coffee is typically brewed with Robusta beans. Where Arabica beans tend to have a smooth, sweet taste, where hints of chocolate, fruit, and sweetness can be enjoyed, Robusto beans have a bitter, intense flavor perfect for passionate coffee lovers.

When looking at the two beans side by side, the Robusto is smaller in size. But don’t let that fool you. Robusto beans have a higher concentration of caffeine than Arabic beans. These characteristics aid in a flavorful brew.


This style of brewing takes around 6 minutes from start to finish, and a special metal filter (referred to as a phin) is used. Unlike the traditional paper filters preferred in the U.S, the metal filter allows more flavor to be obtained. Commonly made out of stainless steel and aluminum, there are two different types of phin filters.

Gravity Press

This filter is actually made up of two pieces: the chamber and the press. Once medium-course grounds and water have been placed into the chamber, a press is put on top. Relying on the force of gravity, the metal press helps to ensure gases are released during the brewing process.

This style of filter works best with fresh coffee grounds. It also helps to create a rich, strong, and flavorful cup of Vietnamese coffee.


The press of this filter attaches to the bottom chamber, allowing you to screw the press down and control how much force is put onto the coffee grounds. This type of phin is best used with pre-ground coffee.


Traditionally, Vietnamese coffee is served with sweetened condensed milk. It can either be brewed over top of this delicious substance, or it can be stirred in afterwards. Not only does this enhance the thickness of the coffee, but it also adds sweetness and depth to the flavor.

Another style of Vietnamese coffee involves brewing coffee overtop a whipped egg and condensed milk mixture. This brew, called Cà Phê Trứng, is known for being sweet and creamy. It’s also considered more of a coffee dessert as opposed to a morning breakfast drink.

Spectacular Coffee Brands

Vietnam, known for its intense flavor and unique coffee mixtures, is the second-largest coffee producer. It’s also home to some wonderful, flavorful coffee brands, each with its own interesting history and taste.

Trung Nguyen

The company that produces Trung Nguyen, which was founded in 1996, offers both ground and instant coffee options. Known for being at the top of the Coffee Industry in Vietnam, they are the largest producer of coffee in the country.

Offering both Arabica and Robusta beans, Trung Nguyen’s flavor is its bold flavor and appealing aftertaste. There are many blends offered, including:

  • “Creative” Varieties
  • Coffeehouse
  • Instant

Me Trang

Known for its spectacular shade of brown and delightful bitter aftertaste, Me Trang has become a popular Vietnamese brand of coffee. Established in 2000, this company offers 5 distinct products, each with its own flavor. These include:

  • Arabica
  • Robusta
  • Arabica Robusta Mix
  • Ocean Blue
  • Weasel


Established in 1998, this coffee house chain, producer, and distributor is popular in Vietnam. With over 230 operating coffee houses, this brand offers rich Arabica and Robusto blends for drip-style coffees, frozen coffees, and espresso mixes.

If you are unable to visit one of these establishments, the Highlands ground coffee can also be purchased online, along with canned Vietnamese coffee and condensed milk options. Most often, this coffee brand is recognized for its bold flavor, with subtle hints of chocolate, hazelnut, and caramel.

TNI King Coffee

This coffee brand, which is owned by Trung Nguyen International Corporation, is the largest coffee exporter in Vietnam. Known for its coffee shops, gourmet blends, espresso mixes, and breakfast blends, King Coffee has grown in popularity pretty quickly.

King Coffee, notably recognized for having an authentic and bold Vietnamese flavor, has opened coffee shops in the U.S. Using both Arabica and Robusto beans, this coffee brand offers:

  • Various Instant Coffees
  • Gourmet Roasted Ground Coffees
  • Whole Bean Options
  • Luxury Varieties

Café Culture

Coffee is heavily intertwined into daily life and Vietnamese culture. While many people in the northern part of the country tend to like strong, hot coffee brewed with a phin, a large number of the southern population have developed a love for iced coffee.

Regarded as a social and relaxing experience, drinking coffee is often consumed while hanging out with friends and enjoying leisurely activities. Vietnamese coffee is made to sip, appreciate, and enjoy. Various types of cafés have also been created for this purpose. Some of them include:

  • Café & Book (a place to enjoy coffee and read)
  • Café & Pets (a place to enjoy coffee with animals and friends)
  • Café & Work (a more serious environment for drinking and working)

Experiencing Vietnamese Coffee

For many people, myself included, coffee has become an important part of everyday life. Vietnamese coffee, which is known for its bold, sweet, and intense flavor, thick consistency, and strong aroma, is just one of the types available. With its special brewing filter to the different additions, like sweetened condensed milk, this type of coffee is made to be experienced and treasured.

With Vietnam being the second largest coffee producer in the world, and known for growing mainly Robusto beans, many brands have been created in Vietnam. These coffee brands, in return, have started to travel around the world so that everyone can enjoy them.