How to clean and descale a Krups coffee machine

Picture of a Krups Coffee Machine
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Krups is known for creating a number of innovative and sleek kitchen appliances that function just as beautifully as they look sitting on your counter. Just as with any coffee maker or kitchen appliance, maintenance is key to a long-lasting product that will work like new for years to come. While not all Krups machines will break the bank, others can be quite an investment, so you’ll want to take good care, regardless of how much you’ve spent.

One of the most important things you can do to maintain your Krups coffee maker is to clean and descale it regularly. Krups’ general recommendation is to descale your machine once a month, or every 20-30 brew cycles. This may seem like a lot, but this simple process is worth taking some time to devote to each month.

While each machine is different, it is incredibly easy to find instructions straight from Krups on how to clean your brewer. We’ll go over what makes Krups products unique and general guidelines for maintaining your coffee machine to ensure it is working properly.

What makes Krups different from other coffee machines?

This German brand of appliances is as well known for its high-quality products as it is for its streamlined designs that make you want to display its items on your kitchen counters. German engineering makes for products that are simple to use, but produce a beverage that tastes as though it was brewed at your local cafe. 

From standard drip coffee makers, to coffee pod brewers, to espresso machines, Krups manufactures products that meet every coffee-lover’s needs. If you desire a coffee machine that will actually elevate the aesthetic of your space, then Krups is the way to go.

How to clean a Krups coffee machine

What’s great about Krups is that their website is easy to navigate and informative. You can quickly find your particular machine in the products section of their site and from there, download the coffee maker’s manual. 

Each manual lays out exactly how to clean and descale that specific machine, so you will always know you’re doing it right. Using the recommendations straight from Krups is also useful so you can be sure to not void your warranty by improperly maintaining your brewer.

Generally speaking, cleaning your Krups coffee maker will include the following steps:

  1. Unplug your machine
  2. Make sure it has cooled down fully
  3. Detach any removable parts, such as a carafe, reusable coffee filters, or filter holders
  4. Wipe removable parts with a damp cloth or wash with mild soap and water
  5. Allow the removable parts to fully dry
  6. Wipe the machine with a damp cloth and allow it to dry
  7. Reattach removable parts 
  8. Machine is ready to use

It is important to follow the specific instructions for your product carefully. Some brewers have pieces that are dishwasher safe while others do not. 

Regardless of which machine you have, however, you should never submerge your Krups coffee maker in water or run the machine itself under running water. This could not only ruin your machine, but it could cause dangerous electrical issues as well.

Descaling a Krups coffee machine

Each Krups product manual will specifically outline how to descale that particular machine, but it generally follows the same process. Descaling is necessary for any type of brewer due to the limescale that builds up in your machine over time. This is due to the water that runs through it depositing small amounts of limescale with each use.

Limescale is harmless to humans, but can impact the effectiveness of your machine. Regular descaling of your coffee maker is crucial, especially because Krups specifically states in their instruction manuals that malfunctions that occur due to limescale buildup will not be covered under their warranty.

Some Krups coffee makers have a light that will indicate when the machine needs to be descaled, while others do not. You’ll know that your brewer could use a descaling if it begins taking longer to brew, you’re noticing a lot of evaporation, it makes a noise at the end of a brew cycle, or stops in the middle of a brew cycle.

The process to descale a Krups coffee maker depends on the exact model that you have, but it generally includes the following steps

  1. Fill the machine’s water reservoir with Krups descaling solution or a 1:1 ratio of water and white vinegar
  2. Place something large enough to catch a brew cycle’s-worth of water under the machine’s spout
  3. Press the machine’s “clean” button, then the “brew” button, or run a water-only brew cycle
  4. Let the machine run the descaling cycle, which will last about 30 minutes
  5. Run your machine until the remainder of the reservoir is empty
  6. Run two additional water-only brew cycles to ensure the cleaning solution is out of your machine, as well as any remaining limescale
  7. Your machine is ready to use

Some machines use a filter cartridge, so check the instruction manual to see if this applies to your product. This cartridge can help to filter out both limescale and chlorine. It doesn’t eliminate the need to descale your brewer, but can make it so you can do it less frequently.

Don’t ignore your Krups coffee machine’s needs

While it may be a slight inconvenience to take the time to clean and descale your Krups coffee maker, it is definitely worth it in the end. You don’t want to risk your machine not working properly, especially knowing that their warranty won’t cover a replacement if they find that any malfunction is due to scale buildup.

It’s a good idea to pick a date each month, whether you choose the 1st of the month or the last Saturday of the month (you get the point), to descale your machine. That way, you won’t be surprised by your coffee maker acting up or shining that telltale light that it needs a good cleaning. Instead of ignoring it because you’re trying to brew your morning coffee before you rush out the door, choosing a specific date to do it will ensure you can take the time to do it all right.