Keurig Stuck on “Not Ready” – How to Fix This

Picture of Keurig Coffee Machine

The Keurig machine is a favorite among many for their morning cup of coffee. The device is easy to use and clean. It also offers the option of a single cup of coffee instead of a whole pot, an attractive option for those that prefer only one cup in the morning.

But like all appliances, sometimes the Keurig can experience some glitches. A common issue users see is having their Keurig stuck on the “Not Ready” sign. This glitch usually means a problem with the water heater, and there are plenty of easy fixes.

How a Keurig Works

Keurig has developed many models through the years, but the fundamental process is the same. The Keurig machine brews using the machine and the brand’s unique coffee pods, K-Cups.

A user inserts the K-Cup into the chamber to make coffee. When the opening is closed, the top gets punctured by a needle at both the bottom and the top of the cup—this allows water to flow through. Then, simply press a button, and water from the cold reservoir will begin pumping through the heating chamber.

Once the water heats, it pumps to the brewer, where it flows through the grounds in the K-Cup, brewing your perfect cup of coffee.

The brewing method is similar to drip coffee but removes as many steps as possible using the machine to make it easy for consumers.

Why is there a “Not Ready” Message?

The “Not Ready” message can mean a few different things, but most often gets triggered by the brewer’s heating element.

The heater will bring the water up to 192 degrees Fahrenheit or 89 degrees Celsius for the brewing cycle.

It’s common for this light to flash for a few minutes when you turn on the machine, but if it stays on for more than five minutes, you likely have a problem. This sign could indicate that the device has trouble reaching this temperature or getting water from the tank.


There are several options to fix a stuck “Not Ready” message. For your convenience, we’ve listed these from the simplest and most common solutions to the most complex. Try these out for a quick and easy repair to your Keurig.


The simplest and most common answer is also the most obvious. Have you tried turning it off and turning it back on again? However, a reset on a Keurig requires a few more steps than that, so follow along to reset your machine.

  1. Turn off your brewer.
  2. Unplug it from the wall
  3. Detach the water reservoir
  4. Wait at least five second
  5. Reattach the water reservoir
  6. Plug the machine back in
  7. Turn on the brewer

This method resets the machine while checking to ensure the water reservoir is in the correct position. For example, if the water reservoir is not correctly seated in its cradle, the machine won’t draw water from it to avoid leakage or burning out the water pump.

Check for Air Pockets

Occasionally, the brewing process may cause air pockets to get trapped in the machine. These air pockets can trigger the machine’s safety mechanism and cause it not to run through its proper cycle.

  1. Turn off the brewer
  2. Unplug it from the wall
  3. Remove the water reservoir
  4. Pick up the brewer and turn it upside down
  5. Gently shake the brewer a few times
  6. Turn it back over and put it down
  7. Replace the water reservoir
  8. Plug in the machine
  9. Turn on the brewer.

Reset the Algorithm

This fix is a more complex process for machines like the B60. These devices come with many more options for brewing but tend to require more complicated steps to repair.

  1. Press and release the Small Mug and Medium Mug buttons at the same time
  2. Press the menu button four times to bring up the message BREW 0:00
  3. Press and hold the Medium Mug button
  4. While still holding the Medium Mug button, press the menu button
  5. While still holding the Medium Mug button, press the Small Mug button
  6. Release the Medium Mug button and the Small Mug button at the same time
  7. Unplug the machine from the wall without turning off the brewer
  8. Wait at least 5 seconds
  9. Plug the device back in
  10. Turn the machine, and it should open on the priming instructions

The Internet Hack 

Some Keurig users on the internet have developed a hack to fix this problem. Keurig lovers on forums suggest that you fill the reservoir with hot water. This method will force the machine into brew mode. Once the hot water brews through, the device should reset to its normal brew cycle without issues.

Official Keurig instructions recommend only using cold water in the tank, so use this hack at your own risk. Although most report success without complications, it could cause damage if you’re not careful.

Replace the Water Tank 

If all else fails, the problem may be with the machine itself. If the issue lies with the water heating mechanism, you can replace the water tank to get more life out of your appliance. 

Replacement water reservoirs retail for about twenty-five dollars, which can be much cheaper than purchasing a total machine replacement, depending on your model. 

If replacing the water reservoir doesn’t work, it may be time to upgrade to a new model. 


The Keurig machine is one of the most popular coffee machines in America for your morning cup. These brewers work similarly to a drip coffee but do all the work for you. Simply insert K-cup and press a button for your fresh coffee. 

When you have errors, like a “Not Ready” button, don’t fret or immediately replace it. There are simple methods to reset the machine and get your water heater working again. Once you’ve reset your device and maybe tried one or two internet hacks, you may need to consider replacing your water reservoir or upgrading to a new appliance.