Nugget Ice vs. Bullet Ice: Everything you ever wanted to know

Nugget Ice Vs Bullet Ice

Nugget ice and bullet ice. Both are used in drinks and cocktails. But how are they different?

This is what we will talk about in this post. We’ll learn about the pros and cons of both types of ice. We’ll also learn about their similarities and differences.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

Bullet Ice

Bullet ice cubes are named as such because of their shape—they look like bullets. They are hollow and half-cylindrical ice cubes. They are made using countertop ice makers.

Bullet ice cubes are meant for drinks and iced tea. They’re soft and chewable as well. That is why people prefer them in their drinks.

Pros of Bullet Ice

  • They are cheaper to produce than nugget ice.
  • They can be versatile.
  • They are available in different sizes.
  • They are easy to get and readily available in large quantities.

Cons of Bullet Ice

  • The larger pieces are not easy to chew on.
  • The ice makers that produce this type of ice, i.e. countertop ice makers, are usually noisy and loud.
  • They are difficult to use in blenders because of their size.

Nugget Ice

Nugget ice cubes are the most in demand type for drinks. They are known by other names, such as sonic ice, chewlet, pellet ice, and pebble ice.

Generally, it is more complicated to make than bullet ice. They cannot be done in the fridge or ice makers.

They are made by shaving ice and then compressing the shaved ice through a hole to get the desired shape.

Nugget ice cubes are crunchy and chewable. They give a pleasant sensation when chewed on. That’s why they’re really popular in bars and restaurants.

Pros of Nugget Ice

  • They are light in weight.
  • They are easy to chew.
  • They can absorb and retain the drink flavors really well.
  • They are versatile and great for all kinds of drinks.
  • They are easy to use in blenders.
  • They melt slowly. It usually takes an hour and a half for a glass of nugget ice to completely melt.
  • Cools your drinks quickly.

Cons of Nugget Ice

  • They are expensive to make.


The winner of course is the nugget ice cubes. They are chewable and perfect for any drink. However, quality also comes with price. Nugget ice cubes are costlier.

If you’re looking for the cheaper alternative, bullet ice cubes are not that bad either. For the price, you get quality ice that can cool your drinks as well.