Whipped Dalgona coffee in a plastic cup on a wood table.

How to make your coffee thicker

Viscosity. It’s a word I learned from the dictionary, but understood after drinking rich, smooth, creamy cups of coffee. If you’re like me, sometimes a mug of watery drip coffee before work doesn’t quite cut it. Every so often I need something a little bit more, well, viscous. Impossible? Difficult? Not at all! Let’s look …

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Parts of a Moka Pot

How to assemble a Moka pot?

Just purchased your brand new moka pot, but not certain how to put it together? Moka pots can be a convenient and inexpensive substitute for your standard espresso machine, but assembly can get a little tricky. In this article, you’ll learn how to properly assemble and maintain your moka pot. Putting together a moka pot …

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Hot milk coffee dripping in Vietnam style

Famous Vietnamese Coffee Brands

Coffee is life. Every day, millions of Americans start off with a hot cup of caffeine to get their brain working and their body moving. With over 120 different species of the Coffea plant worldwide, there’re many brands to choose from. In Vietnam, coffee is both ingrained in everyday life and economically important. Introduced in …

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