Why is coffee called Joe

Why Is Coffee Called Joe?

As with many things in the world, coffee isn’t always called coffee. Nicknames are popular throughout the world, and coffee isn’t excluded from this. Calling coffee a cup of Joe or simply, Joe isn’t new and is very common in many parts of the world. But where on Earth did calling coffee “Joe “come from? …

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Which coffee is less acidic

Which Coffee Is Less Acidic

Health and dental professionals are constantly warning people about the dangers of drinking or eating things that are high in acidity. Foods and beverages high in acidity can cause uncomfortable symptoms such as acid reflux or heartburn and even cause damage to your teeth. Unfortunately, coffee is a very acidic beverage, but most people aren’t …

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How Much Coffee is Too Much

How Much Coffee is Too Much?

Oh, coffee. This delicious and energizing beverage is sometimes the only thing that gets people up and going for the day. Even if you love your job, waking up for work can be difficult, and knowing you have a steamy cup of joe or iced coffee waiting for you can make it easier. If you’re …

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How Can You Tell Coffee is Stale

How Can You Tell Coffee is Stale?

The thing about coffee beans is that technically speaking, they don’t go bad. Coffee beans don’t have an expiration date like almost everything else in our kitchen. But things can happen to coffee beans that cause your coffee to taste stale or bitter. But if coffee beans don’t technically go bad, how do you know …

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Does Coffee Stain Teeth

Does Coffee Stain Teeth?

Drinking coffee is non-negotiable for a lot of people. You’ll hear many people warn about the potential for coffee staining your teeth, but some people don’t believe that this is the case. Some people drink coffee every day, and they don’t have any dark stains on their teeth. So it poses the question of whether …

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Does Coffee Boost Creativity

Does Coffee Boost Creativity?

Coffee is what some believe to be a magical drink that gives them energy and allows them to perform better in their daily lives. Professionals, parents, students, you name it, have used this delicious and energizing drink for centuries. Many people attribute their improved morning attitude and work performance to the energizing effects of coffee. …

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Did the Romans Drink Coffee

Did the Romans Drink Coffee?

Humans can date back to the use of coffee and coffee beans to the 16th century. This popular and regularly used product has been a part of history for many cultures. When we think of history, some of the prominent ancient civilizations that come to mind are the Romans and Greeks. Coffee is widely drunk …

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Can You Vacuum Seal Coffee Beans

Can You Vacuum Seal Coffee Beans?

When you remove coffee beans from the package they come in, you’ll need to store them properly if you’re not grinding them all at that moment. Keeping your coffee beans in a room temperature, dark, and dry area will ensure your coffee beans stay fresh and maintain their quality. Since heat, light, and moisture are …

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