What is Golden Tips Tea?

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It’s very possible that this unique tea is completely new to you. What makes this tea special? The answer is quite simple once you get down to it. The tea is made from exactly what you may expect from the name – the young, golden buds that are harvested before the Camellia sinensis (the scientific name for the common tea plant) has fully matured.

This tea is made from the very same variety of tea that makes up all the most popular teas: from Black to Green and everywhere in between.

Although Golden Tips tea is made from the same plant that many other common teas are made from, Golden Tips tea has a unique flavor profile that sets it apart from many other kinds of tea. Let’s delve into what makes Golden Tips tea so special.

Origins and Production

The plant used to create Golden Tips tea originates in Nepal, where much of the production occurs. The process to create Golden Tips tea is a complicated one – which contributes to the rarity of the tea, making it not as well known or easy to obtain as many other varieties of the beverage.

The Golden Tips tea plant, as stated above, is officially named Camellia sinensis, but a special variety of this plant is used to grow and harvest the golden buds.

Growing and Drying

If you’re looking to make a delicious cup of the sweet, honeyish, nutty tea, you may have to wait a little longer than you might expect. To make this flavorful brew, farmers must first grow the special variety of the Camellia sinensis plant.

Before it has fully matured, the farmers will pluck the young, white buds from the plant and leave them in the sun to dry. Once they have reached the optimal dryness, the white buds will appear to have little hairs on them, making them look very different than the traditional tea plant.

Once the hairy, white buds have dried the perfect amount, the farmers will take the buds and soak them in a special mixture created from the standard Camellia sinensis plant. This process will make the hairy white buds turn into a beautiful golden color – therefore giving Golden Tips tea its name.

Farmers will then process the buds, package them, and ship them off. Because this process takes longer than the traditional tea growing process, Golden Tips can by quite pricey and harder to find than other varieties of tea that are often available at your local supermarket.

Tasting Tips

Golden Tips tea, while a variety of Black tea, does not carry any of the bitterness that many Black teas are well known for. Instead, Golden Tips tea is very creamy and smooth, and some believe that it feels velvety when you drink it. This variety of tea is known for its creamy profile, thick mouthfeel, and sweet, nutty flavor.

How should I prepare it?

Great question! When most people sit down to imbibe a flavorful Black tea, the bitterness of this common variety causes many people to reach for the sugar and creamer. But that is exactly what makes Golden Tips tea so special – it tastes better without adding sugary sweeteners and fattening creamers. Golden Tips tea is so mild and smooth that the addition of creamer overpowers the sweet, subtly nutty taste – so you’d be better off skipping the creamer and sipping this delicious tea just as it is.

When boiling your water for this warming beverage, make sure to boil your water all the way to between 194 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit (90-100 degrees Celsius). You don’t need many leaves to brew a strong, flavorful cup – using 1 tsp per cup is the perfect ratio to make this delightful beverage. Steep the golden buds for three minutes then promptly remove. Now you’re all set! Take this tea to the back porch and watch the sunset while you enjoy the nutty aromas of this rare treat.

Can I cold brew this tea ahead of time?

Of course you can! Golden Tips tea is the perfect candidate for cold brew – its mild, creamy taste makes it taste even better when poured over ice and enjoyed on a warm afternoon. To prepare this tea ahead of time, use 2 tsp per cup of tea you’d like to make, add the appropriate amount of water, and let sit in the refrigerator in a French Press or other sealed receptacle for 6-8 hours. Pour over ice and enjoy!

Health Benefits and Caffeine

One of the biggest reasons people turn to tea over coffee is it offers them a delicious, warm beverage without the harmful effects of caffeine that coffee provides. So, is Golden Tips tea free from caffeine? Unfortunately, no, as Golden Tips tea is a variety of Black tea which almost always has caffeine. But luckily for those that are cutting down on caffeine intake or have caffeine sensitivities, Black tea has about half as much caffeine as coffee, and Golden Tips tea has very little caffeine! So if you’re looking to cut back on your intake of artificial energy, Golden Tips may be the perfect tea for you to try.

Besides having very little caffeine, Golden Tips tea has a wide variety of health benefits. Golden Tips tea tastes better without sugar, unlike many Black teas. This means that drinking this tea does not increase your sugar intake and is overall more healthy for you than many other kinds. Golden Tips tea is also known for:

  1. Preventing heart disease with the help of flavonoids.
  2. Lowering blood sugar levels by enhancing insulin’s ability to function.
  3. Improving gut health by enhancing the growth of healthy bacteria.

What do you think, will you be trying Golden Tips?

With little caffeine, a variety of health benefits, a unique flavor, and a lack of bitterness, there’s little not to like about this special tea. It’s smooth, creamy, and velvety texture sets this tea apart from many others on the market. Impress your friends by ordering a bag of Golden Tips and see if they’ll ever want to drink another kind of tea again.