What is Jin Xuan Tea?

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If you love good oolong tea, then you need to get your hands on Jin Xuan tea. It’s a newer oolong tea but has risen in popularity throughout the world. Jin Xuan tea has several names, but the most common are Jin Xuan, No. 12, and Milk Oolong.

Jin Xuan tea is delicious and unique. If you’ve never tried it, you need to! Before you make your purchase, we’ve rounded up everything there is to know about this beloved oolong tea so you can make sure that it’s one you’re interested in trying at home.

Jin Xuan Tea Origins

While many teas have origins dating back centuries, Jin Xuan isn’t one of them. Jin Xuan tea is a newer oolong tea, only developed in 1980. Tea growers in Taiwan cultivated the tea and then brought it to Thailand, where many tea farmers now grow this specific oolong tea.

The name Milk Oolong is because when you brew it, it has a creamy appearance, similar to milk. But, it doesn’t taste exactly like milk. For those who prefer a lighter oolong tea, Jin Xuan is an excellent option. Despite looking reasonably creamy when brewed, the flavors are light.

What Does Jin Xuan Tea Taste Like?

Oolong teas all have their own unique flavors while still having similarities. Jin Xuan’s flavor resembles milk, thanks to the creamy nature of the tea. You’ll also have mild floral and vegetal notes throughout the beverage. Since the tea is very light compared to others, most people prefer to consume it without adding additional ingredients.

How To Make Jin Xuan Tea Taste Better

While most people prefer to drink Jin Xuan tea without adding any other ingredients, you can still alter the tea to your liking. Several ingredients generally go well with all kinds of teas, but there are some you might want to skip adding to this oolong tea. Lemon doesn’t pair well with the creaminess, and cinnamon masks all the natural flavor.

If you’re interested in experimenting with other ingredients to create a flavor you’re excited to drink, here are a few things you can add to your next cup of Jin Xuan tea.


Milk is one of the most obvious things you can add to this type of tea because it already has a creamy and milk-like flavor. You can choose whatever kind of milk you prefer. Most people opt for whole cow’s milk, but if you’re plant-based, you can use those types of milk too.

If you’re going to use almond or cashew milk, be sure to choose an unflavored one. The vanilla and chocolate flavors can clash with the vegetal notes that are often in Jin Xuan tea.


There’s not a lot of natural sweetness in Jin Xuan tea, so adding your favorite sweetener is a good idea if you like sweeter teas. You can go with honey, sugar, or a sugar alternative. Honey is popular because it has natural flavors that pair well with the vegetal and floral notes in the tea.

How To Brew Jin Xuan Tea

Depending on if you bought loose leaf Jin Xuan tea or tea bags, you’ll brew your tea a little bit differently. Let’s say you bought loose leaf Jin Xuan tea for this recipe. Here’s how you can brew a delicious batch of this creamy oolong tea:

  1. Add enough Jin Xuan tea leaves to fill your pot about ⅓ of the way full
  2. Pour hot water over the tea leaves to rinse them
  3. Remove the water you used to rinse them
  4. Pour more hot water to fill the pot
  5. Let the tea leaves steep for about 45 to 60 seconds
  6. Pour your tea into cups
  7. Add any additional ingredients you prefer (optional)
  8. Serve!

You’ll want to remember that oolong tea leaves can re-steep them up to six times, depending on the brand you purchase. If you are planning to re-steep them, you can follow the instructions above but add an additional ten seconds to the steep time every time you re-steep. So, the second time it would be 55 to 70 seconds, and the third, 65 to 80 seconds, etc.

If you bought tea bags of Jin Xuan tea, you’d want to follow the package instructions on how to brew it properly.

Caffeine Content of Jin Xuan Tea

All oolong teas naturally have caffeine in them. How much caffeine the tea will have will depend on the specific oolong tea and the brand. Jin Xuan tea’s caffeine content will vary from brand to brand, but it generally has less than a cup of coffee.

Caffeine can range from 10 to 60 mg per eight ounces of tea. For comparison, a cup of traditional coffee can have anywhere from 70 to 130 mg or more. The minimal caffeine content is perfect for those who need a little kickstart in the morning but quickly get the jitters from drinking coffee.

Carbohydrate Content of Jin Xuan Tea

For those watching their carbs, you’ll love Jin Xuan tea. There are little to no carbs in the beverage. Of course, you’ll want to read the nutrition label on the packaging to be sure and then account for anything you’re adding to the drink.

Calories Content of Jin Xuan Tea

Another great reason people love drinking Jin Xuan tea is that the calories are non-existent! You can drink several cups of this tea without worrying about how many calories you’re drinking if you’re on a weight loss journey. Keep in mind that the calorie count will change if you add milk and other ingredients to your cup of tea.

Final Thoughts

Jin Xuan tea, also known as Milk Oolong, is a delicious tea from Taiwan. It’s unique because it has a milky or creamy flavor right off the bat, unlike other oolong and other teas.

It’s not the tea for everyone, but it’s tasty, letting the natural flavors shine or adding your favorite ingredients into the mix. It’s easy to brew and makes for a low calorie way to start your day.