What is Milima Tea?

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Have you ever heard of Milma tea? Unless you’re a tea expert, you probably haven’t. That’s okay, though. It’s not the most commonly known tea out there, but it deserves recognition. We appreciate everything there is to love about Milima tea and are ready to share everything there is to know about the beverage. 

Origins of Milima Tea

While many herbal teas come from China, India, and other areas on the Asian continent, Milima isn’t one of those teas. Milima tea is Kenya’s finest black tea. The name Milima translates to “high place” or “mountain” in Swahili, which is essentially where the plant grows that they gather the tea leaves. 

It’s not considered Milima tea unless it’s from Kenya and grown at over 6,000 feet. In Kenya, the beverage is traditionally drunk after dinner, despite having caffeine. Because the drink is pretty mellow, it’s similar to those drinking decaf coffee after a filling meal. 

What Does Milima Tea Taste Like?

Milima tea is a light to medium-bodied tea, making it so appealing, especially after dinner in Kenya. It has a mellow flavor that has a slight citrus flavor. It’s not too earthy and not robust like other black teas from other regions. 

Besides the citrus notes, some people taste an almost peppery and clove flavor. Don’t worry, though. It’s not overpowering. 

How To Make Milima Tea Taste Better

If you’re not up for drinking Milima tea without adding anything to it, there are a few things you can add to make your tea-drinking experience better. 

Lemon Juice/Zest

Since it already has a citrus flavor, adding a little bit of lemon juice and zest is a great way to enhance the tea’s natural flavor. 


Adding a little cinnamon is a good idea if you want a warmer flavor. It’s comforting and really brings out the clove notes.

Brewing Milima Tea

There are two ways to make Milima tea. You can steep it and make a cup of hot Milima tea or opt for an iced tea version. The iced version is amazing in the summertime, but the hot version is very comforting. 

How To Make Hot Milima Tea

If you’re interested in making a cup or two of hot Milima tea, here’s the best way to do it. 

Grab Your Ingredients

To make two cups of Milima tea, you’ll need the following: 

  • Two cups of water
  • Two teaspoons of Milima tea 
  • Any additional ingredients you want to add (sugar, milk, etc.)

Boil the Water

You’ll need to bring two cups of water to a rolling boil on the stove. 

Bring the water to a Simmer and Steep.

After the water reaches a rolling boil, you’ll need to reduce the heat to a simmer. You’ll add in your Milima tea and steep for a minute. You can steep longer, but this might cause the tea to become bitter. 

Add in Your Other Ingredients

Once you’re finishing steeping, you can stir in your milk, sugar, or anything else. You can skip this step if you don’t want to add anything. 


Now that you’ve combined all the other ingredients you want to add, you can pour the tea into cups and enjoy! 

How To Make Iced Milima Tea

For the iced tea version, this recipe makes about one liter or a pitcher full of tea you can keep in your fridge. Here’s a great Milima iced tea recipe. 

Grab Your Ingredients

To make Milima iced tea, you’ll need the following: 

  • One ¼ water for steeping
  • A quarter of your pitcher’s water capacity
  • Six teaspoons of Milima tea 
  • Ice 
  • Lemon or honey (optional)

Boil the Water

You’ll bring one ¼ cup of water to a boil on your stove with the six teaspoons of Milima tea leaves in the pot. 


As the water boils, you’ll want to steep the tea for five minutes. You can steep it for less if you want a less potent flavor, but five minutes tends to be the perfect amount of time for most people. 

Fill the Pitcher

While your tea is steeping, you can pour about a quarter of your pitcher with cold water. Once the tea is finished steeping, you can strain the tea leaves or bags and pour the tea into the pitcher. Here you can add any sugar you want or leave it as is.


From here, you’ll want to chill the tea in the pitcher in the fridge for a little bit before serving. You can add ice to it to make it cooler, but be warned, if you add the ice when it’s too warm, it will dilute the tea. 


Garnish the tea however you want, or drink it as is! 

Caffeine Content in Milima Tea

Since Milima tea is black tea, you can expect that it has caffeine in it. As Africa’s most delicious black tea, caffeine ranges between 45 to 90 mg per eight ounces. The variation comes from where you purchase your tea from. 

Regardless of the caffeine content, Milima tea is a great replacement for your morning cup of coffee or when you need a little pick me up. 

Carb Content of Milima Tea

Depending on the brand of Milima tea you purchase, the carb content might vary. Generally, there are only about four grams of carbs per serving of Milima tea. Much like other teas, you’ll likely increase the carb content when you add anything to the tea. 

Calories in Milima Tea

So, how many calories does Milima tea have? Well, the short answer is not a lot! There are roughly six calories in only five ounces of Milima tea. While it’s not a zero-calorie tea, it’s pretty close and a great option for those watching how many calories they’re drinking. 

Final Thoughts

Milima tea is a delicious beverage that you can enjoy hot or iced. It has a warm flavor that can be elevated with sweeteners and lemon juice. It’s a great pick-me-up when you need a little caffeine, making it a great option in the early afternoon. Regardless of the reason, you can’t go wrong with a cup of Milima tea.