What is Sencha Tea?

Picture of Sencha Tea
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There are numerous types of tea to try and one of them is Sencha tea which is adored by many. This tea is a bright green tea that is enjoyed by brewing whole leaves in hot water. There are numerous ways to enjoy this tea as it’s often consumed hot and cold! 

Sencha tea comes from Japan and is a delicately processed leaf that is brewed as a green tea. You will notice that the caffeine content of this tea is low which means that it makes a great beverage option all day long. This tea is known for its bright green color and great taste. 

If you are interested in learning more about Sencha tea then use this article to have all your questions answered. 

Where did it come from?

Sencha Tea originated in Japan where it is one of the most popular teas consumed. This tea is processed quickly after being harvested by steaming the leaves which helps preserve the green color you see. After steaming they then roll and dry the leaves to perfection until it’s ready to be brewed. 

There are other countries that grow and process Sencha Tea such as China. However, each country has differing techniques on how they process and dry the leaves resulting in a different flavor. If you are wanting to taste true Sencha, try to find leaves grown and processed in Japan. 

What does it taste like?

Sencha tea is often compared to Matcha Tea as it tastes very earthy and green. Sencha is a green tea that is made from small-leaf Camellia sinensis which are also known as tea bushes.

The majority of Sencha drinkers enjoy this beverage hot and frequently throughout the day. This tea has a low amount of caffeine which makes it a desired beverage for your afternoon pick me up as well as before bed. This tea is also adored by those who enjoy iced tea as the green color makes a beautifully aesthetic iced tea. 

You will want to steer towards the whole leaf teas if you are wanting that true flavor from Japan as it’s a higher quality taste. The trick is to perfect your brewing skills to ensure that you are creating a perfect cup.

How to improve the taste?

There are numerous ingredients that you can add to your tea to ensure you enjoy its full potential! The first and most popular is honey and lemon which do not add many calories and make your tea taste wonderfully. 

You will also have to try lemongrass and cinnamon in your morning cup of tea. There are many people who enjoy using cinnamon as its minerals and nutrients are able to help with weight loss. Many people add milk to their teas alongside these spices especially if they are enjoying their tea iced. 

The options to customize your Sencha tea are endless as there is something for everyone. You can enjoy the cup hot or cold, sweet or not sweet, etc. Sencha is a great choice to spice up your tea game and try new things. 

How to brew it?

The recommended brewing time is about 15-30 seconds which is much less time than your average tea. If you are brewing too long, you will notice a bitter taste so be sure to follow the instructions. Your brewing temperature should be about 170 F and to use a ratio of 1 teaspoon tea to one cup of fresh water. 

As the tea leaves are being processed they are rolled into very thin lives which unravel when you begin to boil them. This is when that rich flavor is released and can be enjoyed. This means that the amount of time and the appropriate measurements for the tea leaves is incredibly important. 

There are special tools that will help you achieve a true cup of Sencha tea if you are serious about going to the source. You have to find a teapot that is named Kyusu as well as a tea strainer that will help you create a true cup of Sencha tea. You will also want to purchase a scale that can measure very small amounts of tea. These tools allow you to measure the right amount of tea leaves as well as get the right temperature that is required. 

When brewed correctly Sencha tea can taste absolutely amazing! It might take a few tries after purchasing the correct tools but once you master them you will have that cup of tea you’ve always wanted. 

How much caffeine & calories does it contain?

Sencha is not known for its caffeine levels as it only has about 75 mg per cup which is much less than a cup of coffee. The brew time for Sencha tea also plays a part in the caffeine levels. The lower time you brew will result in less caffeine per cup of tea. 

Sencha tea does not contain any calories or carbs drank without anything added. The ingredients that you might add to spice up your drink will add the carbs or calories. If you are purchasing a fancier cup of Sencha at a cafe then you can expect to have more calories in your drink. 

How long does it last?

Sencha tea will last over 6 months when stored in an airtight container. However, it’s not recommended to keep it that long as it will lose some of its flavor after that long. The optimal amount of time to store sencha tea is about 3 months. 

Your Cup Of Tea

The most important aspect of Sencha tea is that it tastes wonderful on it’s as well as when you add ingredients such as milk. This tea is customizable and mixes well with a variety of spices and flavors that might surprise you. You will be surprised to know that the tea lasts a while in your pantry as well. This tea takes only a few moments to brew and tastes absolutely wonderful. 

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