What is the Nespresso Signature Welcome Gift?

Picture of a Nespresso shop

The Nespresso company, which was founded in 1986, introduced the first portioned coffee machines and dazzled the coffee world. The first people to take advantage of the company’s convenient invention and explore the luster of single-serve and fresh on-demand coffee were large offices in Switzerland, Japan, and Italy.

Today, Nespresso’s fanbase is worldwide, and the company has many loyal followers. Their product is not only enjoyed in the homes of coffee aficionados but also featured in hotels across the globe. In fact, it was reported by Forbes that Nespresso sells approximately 14 billion coffee pods each year.

One way that the company shows its appreciation to faithful customers is by offering a signature welcome gift. Although the gift itself is advertised as free with a redeemable code for an online purchase, there are a few steps you have to take and a few purchases you have to make in order to receive this gift. 

Unboxing the Gift

The exclusive Nespresso signature welcome gift contains two glass coffee cups, a sleeve of popular Nespresso pods, two colorful coasters, and a recycling bag. All of these items come packaged neatly in a sturdy brown and black box that reads “Welcome to the World of Nespresso.”


The website claims that this limited-time-only gift can be redeemed after a customer creates an account online. On top of that, the customer has to purchase at least 10 sleeves of coffee. Only then will the code be valid for the signature gift.

There are two different codes available depending on which type of machine you use. The first code is for machines that belong to the Vertuo line and the second code is for the original machines.

Other Welcome Gifts

On top of the signature gift, Nespresso also offers another welcome gift for returning customers. With the purchase of either 100 original capsules, 100 Vertuo capsules, or one discovery box with your online account, you can redeem a code for a free welcome gift pack.

If you redeem the code for the Vertuo welcome gift pack, you will receive two Vertuo mugs and a sleeve of Colombian coffee. If you redeem the code for the original welcome gift pack, you will receive two espresso cups and a sleeve of Colombian coffee.

Benefits of a Welcome Gift

One of the perks of making an account and purchasing products directly from the company is that you can earn some free stuff. If you are an avid coffee drinker, it won’t take too many purchases before you qualify for some free coffee and merchandise. And who doesn’t love free stuff?

Benefits of Creating an Account

Making an account on the Nespresso website could not only unlock potential free gifts if you make the appropriate number of purchases but can also grant you access to other perks. Over time, with continued use and purchasing with your account, being a loyal member could provide you with the following benefits:

  • Prolonged 3-year machine warranty
  • Masterclasses about coffee
  • Vouchers for descaling kits
  • Potential free deliveries
  • Exclusive offers and promotions
  • 20% discounts on select items

Nespresso vs. Other Companies

Nespresso isn’t the only coffee company that offers welcome gifts for faithful members and consistent purchases. Other brands that offer similar free items and discounts for members include Peet’s Coffee, Raven’s Brew Coffee, and Keurig.

Peet’s Coffee

New subscribers to Peet’s frequent brewer subscription automatically receive a redeemable code for 30% off your first order. Some exclusions do apply. Subscribing also guarantees free shipping, a free pin set, discounts with more purchases, and delivery that you can schedule at your convenience.

Where Nespresso memberships are free and perks are earned based on how much you spend over a 12-month period, Peet’s subscriptions come with an upfront monthly fee. There are a handful of options to choose from, each with its own customizable options, and memberships can be canceled at any time.

Raven’s Brew Coffee

Joining this brand’s coffee club is not only free, but when you do so, you are welcomed with a code for $15 dollars off your first order. Subscriptions are also available for a cost and offer automatic deliveries. When becoming a member, you are also welcomed with a code for a free bag of coffee with your first order.


Keurig offers two different starter kit promotions, which require you to make a free account and commit to a purchase agreement. One involves getting 50% off of a Keurig coffee maker and the other starter kit involves getting a free K-Mini Plus coffee maker. Both, however, have specific purchasing requirements that you must abide by in order to redeem these welcome gifts.

To successfully redeem the 50% off of a Keurig, you must purchase 16 boxes of pods, either the 20-, 22-, or 24-count, within 12 months from the purchase of the machine. These pod purchases must also be done in a minimum of 4 orders and you can only purchase 4 boxes of pods at one time. The pods must be scheduled for auto-delivery.

To successfully redeem the free K-Mini Plus coffee maker, you must purchase 24 boxes of pods, either the 20-, 22-, or 24-count, within 12 months. These pod purchases must also be done in a minimum of 6 orders and you can only purchase 4 boxes of pods at one time. As with the other starter kit promotion, the pods must also be scheduled for auto-delivery.

Final Thoughts

Although the Nespresso signature welcome gift can only be redeemed if you create a free account and make a select number of purchases up front, it appears to be a better deal when compared to some of the other famous coffee brands and their “welcome offers.” 

Unlike the Peet’s and Raven’s Brew schemes, which require paid monthly subscriptions to gain any benefits or Keurig’s binding purchasing agreements, the gifts and added benefits from Nespresso can only be gained if you choose to spend money with them.

For loyal Nespresso members who already commit to making monthly purchases, their welcome gifts are truly a free and generous added bonus. The company is showing appreciation for those who continue to do business with them by offering free coffee, mugs, coasters, and a recycling bag.