What’s the best coffee grind size for a Moka pot?

Ground Coffee in Moka Pot
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You just bought your brand new Moka Pot and are so excited to use it but you simply don’t know which size is best for your coffee grind. You are in the right spot with this article as you are going to learn exactly what grind size you will need for your new Moka Pot. It’s actually more important than you might think!

In your search for the best coffee grind size you will find that coffee ground a little coarser than espresso grind is a great choice. Everyone enjoys their coffee differently which means that this will be a work in progress for your unique style. It takes time but that doesn’t mean you won’t be left with a wonderfully tasting cup of coffee at the end of your journey.

There are many different outcomes for your coffee made with a Moka Pot and so let’s discuss how you can refine your process to create a wonderful cup of coffee. We are going to take into account your grind size and the brand of coffee you are using to start out with!

Grind Size Matters

As you do your research, you will find that the advice across the board is to use a fine to medium-fine grind for your Moka Pot. This way you will avoid any potential clogging of the filter if you stick to a comparable size of your average drip coffee.

As mentioned before everyone has different opinions on how they enjoy their cup of coffee. This means that your perfect cup of coffee isn’t going to happen overnight. You will need to play around with the grind size until you find what works for you. That being said, it is recommended that you start with the medium-fine grind in the beginning of your Moka Pot usage.

Changing Up Your Grind Size

In your process of finding what works for you, you will change your grind size at least once or twice! The different grind sizes will all give you a different tasting cup of coffee, so read on to learn more!

Bigger Grind

If you are trying out the bigger grind then there are a few things to be aware of before you do. As the grind is larger the water will simply fall through the coffee much easier then a finer grind would.

Due to the water not touching as much surface as another size of grind you might find that your cup of coffee tastes more acidic than average. This doesn’t mean that you might not enjoy a cup brewed with a bigger grind! If you try it and find that it is too acidic then you have another option; the smaller grind.

Smaller Grind

The act of changing your grind to a smaller size will reduce the acidic value and even give you a deeper and slightly bitter taste. This means that if you enjoy a bold cup of coffee then the smaller grind is definitely for you.

The smaller grind allows for more surface area of the grounds to be touched by the water passing through. This is what gives you that deeper taste you might have been looking for in the first place. So if you are looking for that rich flavor to wake you up in the morning then you will most likely find it when you use a smaller grind in your Moka Pot.

The Perfect Grind

You truly won’t find the perfect grind for yourself unless you take the time to experiment and decide what works best for you. You can adjust the size of your grind by purchasing a grinder which you can find much more information on here or purchasing different sizes of ground coffee at the store.

Finding the perfect grind for you is a journey and you will have to be patient until you truly find that perfect cup of coffee. The knowledge that many factors play into making coffee with a Moka Pot will benefit you! It’s the art of learning each step that will leave you drinking quality coffee.

Purchasing The Correct Coffee

The Moka Pot actually originates in Italy which means that considering an Italian brand might benefit you especially in the beginning! The benefit of looking at Italian brand coffee is that a few brands grind their coffee to be used directly for the Moka Pot.

This does not mean you have to use coffee from Italy to gain a great cup of coffee from the Moka Pot though! Pre-ground coffee that you find at your local grocery store is actually not a bad option for a few reasons.

Pre-ground coffee is slightly coarser than the coffee used in an espresso machine which can make it a great option for your moka pot. However, you will want to find the pre ground coffee that is meant for espresso and not just a drip coffee machine.

The Best Grind Size For a Moka Pot

The moment you master the grind size that fits your taste you will be on your way to mastering the Moka Pot. The recommended grind is a fine to medium-fine grind which is a great one to start off with if you just bought a Moka Pot.

The difference between the bigger and smaller grind nearly comes down to the acidity of coffee that you want to taste. The bigger grind size is going to give you that more acidic flavor whereas the smaller is going to allow for a bolder taste.

As mentioned before, choosing the right grind for your Moka Pot is going to take trial and error on your part! It’s a work in progress and takes time till you truly have the grind that you are wanting. Try a few different brands of coffees and a different grind size and decide what works best for you!