6 Ways to Quickly Cool Your Coffee

It’s a scorching summer’s day outside and you’d like nothing more than a refreshing glass of iced coffee to help you cool off. Too bad you didn’t think of that before you made a fresh pot of coffee, which is hovering around 200°F.

It takes approximately 10 minutes for a cup of coffee to reach room temperature. Thankfully, there are several ways that coffee can be cooled even more quickly to make an iced coffee beverage. While some options are better than others, many will work in a pinch. There are also several ways that this situation can be avoided in the future. In this article, we will explore 6 ways you can chill your coffee fast.

We will also give some tips and tricks to help you plan for your next batch of iced coffee. With the right tools and knowledge, you are only a few steps away from turning your freshly brewed coffee into an iced coffee dream.  

1. Use the Refrigerator

Hot coffee can be put directly into the refrigerator in the glass carafe it was brewed in. If you’re uncomfortable putting the carafe into the refrigerator, the coffee can also be poured into a glass mason jar first and sealed tightly with a lid. To make this process go faster you can place the coffee towards the back of the refrigerator and add a few ice cubes. 

2. Ice It

Ice is a wonderful ingredient for cooling things down in a jiff. To make your hot coffee cool down quickly, fill a cup ¾ of the way with ice and pour the hot coffee on top. After just a few minutes, most of the ice will melt and the coffee will be cool. Once the ice is gone, place more into the cup and drink as desired.

Since this method of cooling down will dilute the coffee, this method works best if the pot of coffee is strong to begin with. This method also works well in just a few minutes if you’re in a time crunch. After all, would you rather have a weaker iced coffee or no iced coffee?

3. Split It Up

Coffee will cool down faster if it’s separated into several small cups, as smaller amounts will cool faster when compared to a large batch in one container. In addition to this, using shallow bowls and creating more surface area for the coffee will help it to cool even faster.

4. Add Milk

Adding cold dairy or a non-dairy substitute is a surefire way to make that hot coffee cool down fast. Besides milk and cream, plant-based milk (oat milk or almond milk) makes a delicious additive that will also speed up the cooling process.

Other Dairy Options

If you are looking for a refreshing cold coffee idea, simply blend a few scoops of ice cream with ¼ cup of hot coffee and ice cubes. 

5. Whiskey Stones

Although popular with people who enjoy a good cocktail, whiskey stones can come in handy when it for cooling down a hot cup of coffee. These frozen cube-shaped rocks, which are normally made from soapstone, granite, or stainless steel, will cool down coffee without diluting its flavor.

Since these stones work by absorbing the heat from the beverage they are placed in, they should be removed after a few minutes as they will not make your beverage ice cold like traditional ice cubes.

6. Blow on It

Perhaps the most logical tactic for cooling off food, blowing on your cup of coffee for just 3 or 4 minutes can bring the temperature down. What’s great about this method is there is no fuss or confusion. Simply pour a mug or glass of coffee and get to moving some air. 

Use a Combination of Tactics

While the methods outlined above will all help to cool a cup of coffee down quickly, many of these can be used at the same time. In fact, it would benefit you greatly if you utilized two or three strategies together. 

For instance, after dividing the coffee out into several smaller and shallower dishes, if these were placed into the refrigerator, they would cool more quickly than if they were set out on the counter. And if you placed a few ice cubes in each of these smaller portions before they went into the refrigerator, the cooling off period would take even less time.

After filling a glass ¾ full of ice, pour some milk (or another non-dairy ingredient) into the ice-filled glass after adding in the coffee. These two cold ingredients would cool the beverage down faster than if using one. Want to elevate this even more? Place the ice, milk, and coffee beverage in the refrigerator for a few minutes.   

Future Iced Coffees

Thinking ahead to next time, there are several ways you can make an iced coffee at home without the feeling of being rushed. First and foremost, brew your coffee ahead of time. Hot coffee can be stored in an air-tight container in the refrigerator. That way, it’s cold when you want to drink it.

Another strategy is making flavored ice cubes that will cool down your hot coffee without diluting it. These ice cubes can be made of either coffee or milk. That way, when you’re ready, you can fill up your cup with the specialty ice cubes, pour the hot coffee on top, and enjoy a full-strength iced coffee beverage.

Final Thoughts

Although doable, cooling hot coffee quickly will take some time and effort. For the best results, using a combination of methods will help your coffee cool down the quickest. If you love iced coffee, however, it’s better to be proactive and plan accordingly. After all, would you rather have to wait a little while to enjoy an iced coffee or have everything all ready to be put together when the mood strikes you?