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Drinks Without Borders is a blog run by drinks enthusiasts for fellow drinks enthusiasts.

Like you, we like drinks. Coffee, tea, juice, you name it. We believe in the power of drinks to bring people of different cultures together. We converse over coffee or tea (and food of course). No matter where we go, people talk about their national beverage (or beverages) with much pride. Each beverage has a history. It is our goal to document this.

We don’t claim to be experts on beverages. But as enthusiasts, we’ve learned a thing or two while researching about them. This website is a collection of such research.

We hope you enjoy our posts as much as we enjoyed writing them.

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Steve Mellar-Smith

Steve is the head writer and researcher for Drinks Without Borders. He is an avid traveler and has visited twenty countries in Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Europe, exploring their coffee, tea, and liquor. He holds a bachelor’s degree in international studies and public health from Florida International University.

Leanna Kinsley

Leanna is a full-time mom, part-time chef who lives in Boulder, Colorado with her family. She blogs mainly at The Cookware Expert but contributes regularly to this blog. In her spare time, she enjoys nature photography, hiking, and of course, cooking!