How to fix the Keurig white screen of death problem

Closeup Picture of Keurig at an angle

Keurig coffee makers have come a long way since they came on the market. Many of the versions you can buy today come equipped with touchscreens which can make brewing a cup of coffee a breeze. But what do you do if your beloved touchscreen goes blank? 

If you’re left wondering what could have caused it and whether or not your Keurig will still work, there’s no need to fret. There are a number of reasons your Keurig may be suffering from the white screen of death, but there are just as many solutions to this common problem!

Unfortunately, Keurig users experiencing a blank screen on their brewer is a known issue with some later models of coffee makers. Fortunately for you, this means that there are plenty of resources out there to troubleshoot the issue with your brewer and get it up and running once again.

We’ll start with the simplest solutions to the more complex ones in the hopes that you can fix this dreaded issue yourself! If not, you can always reach out to Keurig’s customer service and if your machine is still under warranty, you should be able to get a new coffee maker to replace the faulty one.

Troubleshooting tips straight from Keurig

Display issues with the touchscreen are common enough that Keurig came out with its own troubleshooting guide to walk customers through fixing the issue on their own. The first step is simple enough: unplug the machine and plug it back in again. Sometimes, this is all you need!

If that doesn’t do the trick, check next to see if the power button appears on the screen. If it does, reset the clock and navigate through the menu options until you get to the “lift to begin” screen. Follow the instructions on the screen until you are able to attempt to brew. If it works, then problem solved! If it still isn’t functioning properly, they recommend contacting customer service.

If the power button isn’t working or the machine won’t even turn on, try following these steps before contacting customer service for further assistance. 

More tips and tricks

If none of the Keurig-sanctioned troubleshooting solutions have solved the white screen issue, there are other things you can try to get your screen working again. Keurigs only come with a one-year warranty and unfortunately, most issues arise after the year has passed. 

If your brewer is still under warranty, your best bet is to give customer service a call. Even though it may seem like a pain and you just want a quick fix, you’re likely to be able to get your Keurig fixed for free or completely replaced so long as you haven’t done anything to void the warranty on your brewer. But if you purchased your brewer over a year ago, it could be worth giving some of these tricks a try, as you won’t have to worry about voiding the warranty.

Wipe down the display screen

This one seems too simple to work, but many users have reported that wiping down the display screen with a wet cloth or cleaning solution has fixed the white screen of death on their Keurig. Modern technology is great, but you wouldn’t believe what a little bit of dust or coffee grounds can do to a touchscreen!

Run a water-only cycle

It is still possible to run your Keurig even if the screen is blank. Make sure there’s enough water in the reservoir before starting and then touch the bottom right corner of the touchscreen where the power button would normally appear. If you hear a familiar churning sound, that should indicate that the water is heating. Once it stops you’ll know that the preheating is complete.

Next, press the Keurig button on the front of the machine and then open and close the lid. Press the bottom right corner of the touchscreen once more and then press the Keurig button again. This should begin the water-only brew.

Once the water has been completely dispensed, lift the lid and leave it open for a few minutes. Unplug the machine and close the lid again. It may take a few cycles, but this can help to get the screen working.

Secure the LCD connection

Brewing all that coffee is hard work and the inner workings of your machine can take a bit of a beating after a while. Moving your machine around, removing and replacing the water reservoir, preheating, and the vibrations caused while brewing can jostle things around a bit. 

Sometimes this can lead to connection issues with the wiring inside your machine. Those wires are what make the touchscreen work, so if there’s a loose connection, it can appear completely blank. It’s a simple enough fix if you know exactly what to do.

This solution requires you to disassemble a few pieces of your machine in order to access the LCD panel behind the screen. This allows you to access the wires that connect the touchscreen to the power source. If the connection has come loose, it’s just a matter of pushing it back into place with your finger to get it working again.

It may sound intimidating to disassemble parts of your brewer, but it only requires lifting a few pieces and unscrewing two screws. If you’re comfortable giving it a try, this video will walk you step-by-step through the process.

It’s a bit more involved than the other solutions, but if it does get your touchscreen working again, it will be well worth it to avoid having to get a completely new Keurig!

The white screen of death isn’t the end

Even though it sounds bad, the white screen of death doesn’t necessarily have to spell disaster for your Keurig. If you’re experiencing display screen issues with your brewer, give these tricks a try before giving up on your machine. You could end up saving yourself time and money in the process!