Picture of Chaga Tea

Chaga: From Mushrooms to Tea

Historically speaking, chaga mushrooms have been around for centuries. They can be found growing mainly on birch trees in different parts of the northern hemisphere. This fungus thrives in colder climates and an abundance can be found in Siberia, northern Europe, Canada, and Alaska. Chaga tea is made simply from chaga mushrooms that have been …

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Picture of Ceylon Tea

Ceylon Tea

This well known black tea hails from the lands of Sri Lanka, and is loved for its rich, bold flavor. Depending on where it’s grown in the country, it can have varying textures and tastes. It can also be called Sri Lankan tea. The What and Where To be given the Ceylon tea name, it …

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Picture of refreshing iced milky bubble tea with tapioca pearls made with fresh fruit ingredients including raspberry, strawberry, kiwi, orange, apple and banana

Boba Tea

With its origins deeply rooted in ancient China, tea has been brewed and enjoyed for thousands of years. After the establishment of vast trading routes, commonly referred to the Silk Road, both tea leaves and the art of tea brewing quickly spread across the globe. Fast forward to modern times, where many variations have evolved …

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Picture of Hot steaming black tea in a cup on a rustic background

Black Tea

Black tea, which is perhaps one of the best known types of tea, is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. Named after the color of the dry leaves, this tea is also referred to as “red tea” in China. What makes this type of tea unique is the oxidation of the tea …

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Bi Luo Chun Tea

Bi Luo Chun Tea

Also referred to as Pi Lo Chun, this green tea is best known for its sweet, floral aroma and fruity and floral taste. Translated from Chinese, its name means “green snail spring.” Bi Luo Chun is a highly-regarded loose leaf tea that, unless shopping online, can be difficult to come by outside of China. With …

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Bancha Tea

Bancha Tea: A Japanese Green Tea

Green tea, which is made from the leaves and buds of the Camellia sinensis plant, was first introduced in Japan during the 9th century. Buddhist monks brought tea seeds from China to their native land where the plant and beverage quickly became popular. Bancha tea, the second most popular and consumed green tea in Japan, …

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Ballerina Drinking Tea

Ballerina Tea

With increasing popularity in the U.S., Ballerina tea can be purchased both online and in select stores. Commonly referred to as 3 Ballerina Tea, after a well-known brand, the herbal properties are unique. Unlike traditional tea which is made with tea leaves, this beverage is made with an herb called senna. Known for its laxative-like …

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Dan Cong Tea

Ancient Tree Dan Cong Tea

Dan Cong tea is a type of oolong that grows wildly in the mountains of the phoenix mountain in the Guangdong province of Southern China. These teas are semi-oxidized, which make the leaves perfect to steep more than twice in one sitting. They have a floral, sweet, creamy taste with a slight earthiness. The Legend …

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Cans of Twisted Tea

All About Twisted Tea

Buying a drink isn’t as simple as it used to be. Choosing from thousands of available brands can get exhausting fast. If you’re looking for something that’ll pack a punch without the lingering aftertaste of hard liquor, Twisted Tea might be your next favorite drink. What is Twisted Tea? Twisted Tea is a spiked sweet …

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