Picture of cat sniffing a cup of coffee

Can cats drink coffee?

Many people consume caffeine throughout the day. From a fresh cup of coffee first thing in the morning and a cold, refreshing soda with lunch, to a hot cup of tea in the afternoon, people often depend on caffeine to jumpstart their day and to keep them going well into the evening. When it comes …

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Picture of Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Maker

Descaling the Nespresso Vertuo, Vertuo Next, & Vertuo Plus

Nespresso, a globally renowned company based out of Switzerland, launched its first two coffee machines in 1986. Since then, the company has expanded to include two other signature styles and dozens of coffee varieties. Part of owning a Nespresso machine is being able to properly care for and maintain the appliance to ensure its longevity and performance. Routine descaling, …

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Picture of De'Longhi Espresso Machine

Descaling a De’Longhi Coffee Maker with Vinegar: Is It Possible?

De’Longhi is an Italian company that designs and markets unique small appliances. Founded in 1974 and first known for its oil-filled radiators, it burst onto the coffee scene in 1993, showcasing a pump coffee machine.  When properly cared for and cleaned, De’Longhi coffee makers can produce great-tasting beverages for years. In fact, cleaning is vital to the …

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Moringa Tea: A Rare Botanical

Steeping edible plant parts in hot water produces a beverage that goes by several names including herbal tea, tisane, botanical, and infusion. The plant pieces utilized to create these beautiful, flavorsome, and aromatic refreshments include leaves, flowers, bark, roots, fruits, seeds, and spices. Many herbal teas are commonly found in homes, stores, and restaurants globally. …

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Picture of Starbucks Cups in Different Sizes

Starbucks coffee cup sizes

Starbucks, a coffee chain that got its start in Seattle, has been providing people with excellent coffee since 1971. The company boasts that the coffee offered by this establishment is of the highest quality, coming from all over the world. When Starbucks first opened, it offered customers a few different sizes to choose from when ordering …

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Picture of Keurig with Cups on a Table

Can I brew tea in a Keurig?

Tea is a delicate and highly regarded beverage dating back to 2300 BCE and was first enjoyed for its flavor and potential benefits in China. Created by steeping the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant in hot water, traditional Chinese tea was brewed in a vessel called a gaiwan. There are several methods for brewing a hot cup …

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