Can You Store Ground Coffee in a Glass Jar?

Can You Store Ground Coffee in a Glass Jar
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Everyone is looking to have that Pinterest-worthy kitchen nowadays. And who can blame them? Everything is beautifully organized, with all their cereal, pasta, and coffee in glass jars. This gives the kitchen a very clean and aesthetically pleasing look.

As lovely as storing coffee grounds in glass jars is to look at, this may be doing more harm than good for your coffee grounds. If you see these glass jars with coffee grounds in them sitting on the kitchen counters, you may be wondering if you can do this with your coffee grounds.

You Can Store Ground Coffee in a Glass Jar

Technically speaking, nothing is stopping you from pouring your coffee grounds into a glass jar for storage. If you’re using just a standard glass jar with no lid or a standard lid, this isn’t the best way to store ground coffee.

You’ll want to store your coffee in an airtight container that is preferably opaque, but you can use a transparent glass container if you keep it in a dark place. So, the biggest takeaway is that you can store ground coffee in a glass jar as long as it’s airtight and stored in a dark place if it’s see-through.

Enemies of Coffee

Coffee begins to lose freshness after it’s roasted. Storing your roasted coffee grounds correctly can help preserve the freshness for as long as possible. To help you understand the best way to store your coffee grounds, you need to know what the main enemies of coffee are.

Keep in mind that even if you keep your coffee grounds safe from three out of four of these factors, that can still cause the grounds to go bad. Preventing effects from all four factors is the only way to ensure your coffee grounds stay fresh. 


Sunlight and indoor lighting are one of the biggest factors that impact the freshness of your coffee grounds. You may be wondering how direct light can have such a negative effect on coffee grounds. When coffee grounds are left in natural light, even for a little bit, it can cause the coffee to go stale.


You hear coffee experts talking about storing coffee grounds in airtight containers frequently, and they have a good reason. Oxygen is another major enemy of your tasty coffee grounds. In fact, it’s the most significant enemy of coffee.

Storing your coffee grounds in an airtight container is the only way to prevent oxygen from leaking into the grounds. When coffee grounds meet oxygen, you’ll end up with a stale and nasty cup of coffee.


Another reason storing your coffee grounds in an airtight container is important is because the moisture from humidity can make your coffee go back almost immediately. That’s why you hear people say you should store the coffee in a dry place where moisture cannot get to the grounds.

If you’ve been researching how to store coffee grounds, you may see people suggesting you store your coffee grounds in the fridge or freezer. While this definitely will provide a dark place for you to store the grounds, the moisture can have a negative effect on the beans if your container isn’t airtight.


It may seem weird that heat is a coffee killer when we drink hot coffee all the time, but it’s important to keep your coffee away from any heat until you’re ready to put it in the coffee machine.

Storing your coffee grounds near the stove or anywhere that can experience heat from the sun can cause the coffee to lose flavor. That’s why you need to store the coffee in a room temperature setting, away from any heat sources.

How to Store Ground Coffee in a Glass Jar

How you store your ground coffee in a glass jar depends heavily on the type of glass jar you’re using. If you’re using a transparent glass jar, your storage options will be different than if you’re using a glass jar that is opaque. Regardless of if the jar is transparent or opaque, you must make sure it’s airtight.

Storing Coffee in a Transparent Glass Jar

If you’re using a transparent glass jar, your storage options are going to be a little more strict than with an opaque glass jar.

With an airtight glass jar, you’re still going to need to store your coffee grounds somewhere dark. A great place for this would be a cabinet you rarely open, except to grab your coffee. Even if you place it in a cabinet you open frequently, it’s still much better than on your counter.

When choosing a cabinet to store your coffee grounds in, make sure to choose one far enough away from your stove so that heat doesn’t affect it. Yes, even in a cabinet, the heat from your stove can make cabinets warm around them.

Storing Coffee in an Opaque Glass Jar

If you have an opaque glass jar you want to use for your coffee grounds, you don’t necessarily need to place it in a dark cabinet like you would if you have a standard see-through glass jar.

When you’re using an airtight container, you’re already off to a great start for keeping your coffee grounds safe from its enemies. You don’t necessarily need to place your opaque glass jar in a cabinet unless you want to. You can keep this jar on your countertop if you’d like.

If you’re going to keep your opaque glass jar on your countertop, there are a few things to keep in mind. You’ll want to keep it away from direct sunlight as you would with a transparent glass jar and away from your stove.

What’s the Best Container to Store Ground Coffee in?

One of the best containers you can use to store your ground coffee in is a metal container with a metal latch to keep air out. These containers have a latch to keep air out, and heat and light cannot easily penetrate the container.